Here we go


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Well, it’s only August, and we’re still in Canada, but it’s about a month till we leave on our journey to Ludwigshafen. These days, my (Karl’s) job is to get the house ready for our renters and attend to some of the “little things” associated with our journey. Marla is busy doing real work (i.e., getting paid). My project for today was to start our blog – so here it is. Don’t expect too much more till we get closer to September 14th (departure day), since I’m still learning how this whole website/blog thing works.

I’ll also try to add some things in German (for our German speaking readers and also for me to practice my writing). Ich finde meine muendliche (wo sind die Umlaute??) Kenntnisse sind viel starker als meine Schreibkenntnisse. Deshalb moechte ich noch weiter ueben.

That’s it for now – Tschuess!



































































































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