Finally arrived

Friday, September 16, 2017

It seems like we have been saying farewell to people for over a month now. And as sad as that is, it feels good to finally be where we have been planning to be. After arriving Thursday, our partner in crime (and ministry) Greg Rabus brought us to our apartment and showed us around the city and the Ludwigshafen Mennonite church. We had an opportunity to see first hand the hard work of volunteers from Steinmann Mennonite Church in Ontario. Three volunteers from there were helping with some renovations here.

We have spent today getting to know the city, securing our mobile phone plans (and food) and trying to get over the jetlag. We will enjoy supper with Greg, his wife Jennifer and their son Alex this evening.

On Sunday, we will be joining Mennonites from two southern German regional groups in an annual joint worship service, followed by a potluck lunch. This will be a test of our language and social skills, and very interesting to see how the Mennonites here worship and interact. We look forward to beginning our more formal duties next week.
That’s all for now.

5 thoughts on “Finally arrived

  1. Glad to hear you have arrived. We remember quite clearly the busy, overwhelming first days of a mission trip. Looking forward to sharing your adventure via this blog.


  2. Hi Karl,
    Send my warmest greetings to Ruthild Foth. I lived with her one winter semester when I was going to the Universität Mannheim in ’94-’94
    James Funk


  3. We’re glad to hear you are settling in and finding your “legs”. It is noteworthy that you took care of your mobile plans and food in the correct order.


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