Worst Shopping Trip ever …

Feb 14

So, I starting feeling a little under the weather on Saturday night. I thought if I stayed close to home on Sunday, I should feel better for classes on Monday. And I did. I made it through the day but paid for it during the night on Monday. And then came Tuesday …

Greg, Marla and I had planned to visit IKEA on Tuesday. Our goal was to buy some furniture for the Friedenshaus guest room upstairs in the church building. It’s one large room, with a bathroom across the hall. If you recall from a previous blog, Marla and I stayed there a few nights before our new apartment contract began in January. During that stay, we noticed that a few small items would make the room quite livable for guests visiting Friedenshaus. Therefore, our goal was to find a bed, small fridge and a few other items to make the room more comfortable.

Of course, for those of you who visit IKEA often, you know that wandering through the displays can take a while, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So we compared the benefits of different items along the way, debating what size and style to buy. As the trip continued, my nose ran even more than it had previously and I realized I needed to get out. Needless to say, I was very helpful in making decisions at this point. “Let’s just buy this” was my mantra. Anything to get out of there.

After a short drive back to the church, and carrying everything upstairs, we realized we had forgotten to purchase a few items. Such as the slats for the bed frame. And the medicine cabinet for the bathroom. And … Oh well – in the meantime, we needed to take apart an old IKEA bed frame already in the room. It was obvious to us that the company has learned from its previous creations. This bed took FOREVER to take apart. After only disassembling part of it, we decided that our day needed to end. OK, maybe I decided that.

On a positive note, I had a great night’s sleep and Wednesday’s classes went well. I suppose IKEA may have some kind of immune boost baked into the waffles we ate there following our shopping trip. If that’s the case, I may start marketing their WAFFLÄ as a cold remedy!

I am pictured below in front of IKEA – again – today. Marla and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by visiting the store – by tram – not only once, but twice!! Wrong size bed slats … But we did have a lovely lunch to celebrate.


German Word of the Week: “anfangen”. Greg was tackling separable verbs with our class this week. This verb (meaning “to start”) is often found separated in a sentence. For eg., “Ich fange meine Hausaufgaben an.” “I am starting my homework now.” For second language learners, it’s tricky to realize that this verb separates and still has the same meaning. It’s not easy to recognize when speaking or reading. By the time you find it, you would rather “aufhören” (to stop/quit) than start!

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