Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge

As we leave Ludwigshafen, we have mixed feelings. One of our friends from Winnipeg wished us a “bitter sweet” farewell. And that is exactly what it is. The “sweet” certainly includes moving back home; seeing family, friends, reconnecting with our church and Westgate communities, and moving back into our own house. The familiarity and comforts … More Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge


The theological understanding of the word ‘Blessed” often comes with some baggage. There are biblical stories that support the idea of a god that blesses and curses us. This god blesses us with riches and good health and can curse us with sickness and death. Many Christians claim this “prosperity gospel” with the assurance that … More Blessed

Helpless but Hopeful

Earlier this week, Marla and I were looking online for a movie to watch. We found “The Shack”, a newer film based on the successful novel by William Paul Young. In case you don’t know, “The Shack” tells the story about a man (Mack) who encounters God near an abandoned shack where his daughter was … More Helpless but Hopeful

The Friedenshaus Family

Before coming out to Germany, I understood my main role here at Friedenshaus to be language instruction. And, to be fair, the German government has been very diligent in encouraging (i.e, forcing) refugees to take language classes. When workers from other countries came to Germany to help rebuild after WWII, integration and language learning were … More The Friedenshaus Family

Wir schaffen das!

Today’s blog is more of a longer “Word of the Week” than a blog entry. But, I hope, nonetheless interesting. The three words in today’s title came to mind as I was preparing my lessons this week. In the past, I have used different ideas/themes to practise German with our students at Friedenshaus. Lately, since … More Wir schaffen das!


We had the opportunity to participate in the “Mennonitischer Gemeindetag” this past weekend in Regensburg, Germany. This is a triennial gathering of Mennonites from across Germany, allowing for connections to grow among people linked theologically, yet separated geographically. Not unlike our Canadian Assembly, it’s an opportunity to renew old relationships and form new ones.  It … More Geschenkt

Family Time

We both had the privilege and joy of spending time with family this week.  My (Marla) mom and sister Melanie arrived on April 14th just as the warmth we had enjoyed for two weeks disappeared.  Even so our time together was wonderful.  We celebrated the risen Christ together with the folk from Ludwigshafen Mennonite church … More Family Time

Palm Sunday Holiday

April 12 In our province of Rhineland Palatinate, students are currently enjoying a two week Spring Break. Each province in Germany tries to take slightly different holiday breaks to minimize the traffic congestion that would take place if all the country’s students suddenly started travelling. Since many of our students at Friedenshaus also have children, … More Palm Sunday Holiday